The Cube AR

iPhone/iPad App
Augmented Reality Multiplayer Game App


AR Multi Player Family Game

Play Augmented Reality 3D board game with family and friends.
The player who takes the most cubes is the winner.
Anyone can play this simple and fun game.

  • This game can be played with 2 to 4 players.
    Multi device mode can be used for playing with family and friends sitting around the table without an internet connection.


    • Each player selects a cube in each turn
    • Take opponents' cubes by putting them between two of own cubes
    • The game ends when all cubes was taken by players
    • The player who takes the most cubes is the winner
    • Any direction is valid to take opponents' cubes as long as the cubes align without a blank space
    • Players can pick any cube as far as the cube was not taken by other players

    • To pick an inner cube, tap one of gray bars located at the corner to slice a layer
    • To display all layers, tap one of black bars on the top of gray bars
    • To highlight which cubes were taken, tap eyes button
    • To rotate cubes, tap "Rotate" button
    • To adjust the size of cubes, pinch the cubes
    • To move the cubes, long press the cubes and slide

    • Play the game by using one device only
    • Share the device with other players

    • Play the game by using multiple devices
    • Each player must have own device
    • Each device must have AR capability
    • Players need to be close by
    • One of the players becomes the host
    • Other players become invitees
    • Each player must select the number of players button
    • Each player must tap the multi device mode button
    • First, the invitees must tap "Request an invitation to the host" to be visible on the host's device
    • Next, the host taps "Host a game"
    • The host selects devices on the list to send the invitations
    • The invitees accept the invitation
    • The host taps "Done"
    • Each player must find a flat surface on the table until blue square appears
    • Tap blue square to place the cubes
    • Adjust the size and the location by pinch or long press the cubes if necessary
    • Start the game from Player 1

  • System requirements.

    iPhone6s, 6sPlus or later.(A9 chip or later.)
    iOS 11.2 or later.

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