Space Alien AR

iPhone/iPad App
Augmented Reality Game App


Space Aliens land in your backyard.

Save the earth from invasion by Space Aliens.
Dodge their attacks by moving around physically.
Tap the screen to shoot at aliens and UFO.

How To Play.

    • This game is designed for playing in your backyard or at safe places.
    • Physical movement is required to play the game.
    • Space Alien AR consists 5 stages.
    • Clear each stage by defeating the king of alien.
    • Defeat the king of alien before running out of your energy.
    • Avoid aliens invading your territory.
    • Aliens shoot laser balls to your position.
    • UFO drops laser bombs from the sky to your position.
    • Dodge their attacks by moving around physically.
    • Hide behind virtual walls to avoid their attacks.
    • When aliens' laser balls hit you, you lose your energy.
    • When UFO's laser bombs hit you, you lose more energy.
    • Shoot laser balls to aliens and UFO by tapping the screen.
    • Recharge your energy by touching batteries.
    • Touch super chargers for powerful shooting.

  • Use this app only at safe places.
    Failure to pay attention to the surrounding area could result in serious injuries.
    You assume total responsibility and risk for using this app.

  • System requirements.

    iPhone6s, 6sPlus or later.(A9 chip or later.)
    iOS 11.2 or later.

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