Mazee AR

iPhone/iPad App
Augmented Reality Maze App


Maze type virtual attraction.

Step into the entrance.
Then you are in the wonderland.
Many characters welcome you in the Augmented Reality maze.
Collect the badges and find a path to reach the goal.

  • Mazee AR is a real size virtual maze type attraction.
    Your backyard becomes a virtual maze.

    Augmented Reality enables you to follow the path in the virtual maze from the entrance to the goal. When you step in to the entrance, you may feel like as if you are in the wonderland. You will encounter many unique characters in the maze. Tap the characters and diamonds you encounter to get points. Some characters may surprise you when you tap. When you successfully tap the characters, you will get badges. Earn extra points by collecting all 16 badges. This is a time trial. Get extra points by reaching the goal as fast as you can. Find the path to reach the goal and try to get a high score.

  • Use this app only at safe places.
    Failure to pay attention to the surrounding area could result in serious injuries.
    You assume total responsibility and risk for using this app.

  • System requirements.

    iPhone6s, 6sPlus or later.(A9 chip or later.)
    iOS 11.2 or later.

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